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Bu-Geido Australia is an organisation of Karate instructors and their students, dedicated to the following of traditional teachings of Karate. The Japanese word “Bu-Geido” translates as the ‘artistic way of the warrior’. Accordingly, more emphasis is placed on the ‘Art’ of Karate rather than on any other aspect. To this end, the traditional objectives of self-control, self- discipline and humility are foremost in our teachings.

The Bu-Geido Australia was established in Sale, Victoria, when Geoff Reddish Shihan commenced teaching in August 1977. The formation of the B.K.A was preceded by the founding of the Sale Karate School in 1975. The organisation moved to Tasmania in 1985 where there are Dojo’s located in the North of the State and at Mornington, Lauderdale, Brighton, and Sorell in the South. The association’s full time office/Dojo is located at 6 Derinya Street, Mornington.


Sensei Mark Reddish was graded Black Belt in the style of Shotokan under Sensei George Trench, while living in Victoria. During this time he trained in a number of Karate styles including Heiwa-No-Tae(Shotokan), Shin-Bu- Kai(Goju) and Bugeido (Shotokan). Sensei holds black belt gradings in Heiwa-No-Tae(Shotokan) and Bugeido Karate(5th Dan). He is also a qualified Shimpan(referee) and examiner.


Bu-Geido Karate is based on the style of Shotokan and includes the fundamentals of Ju-Jitsu(Self Defence). All Bu-Geido instructors must be 18 years of age, have completed both the level 1 coaching course, the Kaustu (St Johns/Red Cross first aid) course, and national police check, before being allowed to teach unsupervised

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